Esenyurt Teeth Whitening

Esenyurt Teeth Whitening

Esenyurt Teeth Whitening ; Tea and coffee consumption is quite high in our country. Such drinks and harmful habits such as smoking can lead to yellowing of the teeth. They can cause the natural white color of the teeth to be lost. Teeth are very important structures that determine the beauty and aesthetic value of a smile. Yellowing and color changes in the teeth also affect the smiles of people. People may experience self-confidence problems due to yellowing of their teeth. They may avoid smiling and try to hide their teeth. Teeth whitening treatment is done to eliminate such problems, to achieve pearly white teeth and an eye-catching smile.


Bleaching is referred to as bleaching in the language of dentists and in the literature. If you are considering whitening, you can make an appointment for free from our clinic for information and be examined. Permanent teeth whitening is a method that can be applied to the color of teeth that change color and turn yellow for different reasons and can be applied by lightening a few shades. In this way, the discolorations formed in the structure of the teeth are removed. To have a beautiful smile, it is necessary to have healthy and white teeth. However, structural defects that occur during tooth formation, some antibiotics used as a child or still in embryo, what we drink and eat can cause discoloration due to the amount of fluoride in the water we drink. Apart from these, aging affects the loss of whiteness of the teeth together with veneers, old prostheses and fillings.

What is Teeth Whitening?
Teeth whitening, known as bleaching in medical language; It is the procedure done to make the teeth look white, clean and bright. Many people are afraid to smile because of the stains and yellowing of their teeth. This can negatively affect people’s social life and self-confidence. Teeth whitening is done both to prevent such problems and to have an aesthetic tooth appearance.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?
Among the factors that cause yellowing of the teeth, the most common ones are:

Excessive consumption of soft drinks such as coffee, tea and cola.
Regular use of antibiotics and similar drugs.
Harmful habits such as smoking and using tobacco products.
advancing age.
Disrupted and improperly performed dental care.
Damage to tooth enamel.

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